Yoga is not just an exercise but it is self discovery. The purpose of “EVEREST YOGA INSTITUTE” which was established in 2014 is to unite the individual consciousness with the supreme consciousness. Following Raj yoga is the best way to unite with that Divine force. We are the followers of           Raj Yoga: Eight limbs of yoga, which is the secret of a happy life, though we teach other forms of yoga too.

We categorize our learners as Starters, Movers and Flyers and train them according to their needs. During the course learner learns the concept of yoga for treatment and prevention of various psychosomatic and life style related ailments. A team of experts from different fields of yoga helps to accomplish this.

“We don’t teach how to do Yoga but we teach how to live and enjoy Yoga.

 We do not have teachers or instructors instead we have a team of facilitators.


Yogi Sanjeev

(Multistyle, Hatha and Raj Yoga Teacher)

Yogi Sanjeev  has done his Masters in Yoga in year 2000 from Gurukul Kangri University. Since then he himself has been transformed and now transforming others. He brings a unique sense of empowerment to each and every individual of his classes. He believes that we all are learners here and to learn anything new in life one has to leave ego behind.

His classes are focused on variations and techniques. He also teaches multi-style yoga to break the monotony in class and to fulfill the need of each and every yogi in the class. He believes that to receive universal energy we should send large amount of positive energy to the Universe. This building world can be achieved by building nation and to build nation our Muladhar; our children foundation needs to be strong. He strongly believes that Yoga should be incorporated into children lives as early as possible.

Being an encouraging leader he has an ability to customize poses depending on the ability of an individual. Also with the blessings of God he has mastery on yoga acupressure technique.

Yogi Sanjeev has also done his Masters in Physical education. Incorporating physical education techniques like warm up, cool down, CPR, first aid techniques, general and specific warm up and many more areas into his practices enhances the performance of his classes.

 Sanjeev Kumar

( Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha Yoga & PranayamaTeacher)

He has been deeply rooted in the traditional practice of Yoga since the age of 13. He is trained in Ashtanga Vinyasa and follows ancient path of Hath yoga pranayama and mediation and six purification techniques of body under the guidance of his Guru Ji Shri Rajpal Yogacharya.

His early childhood experience of yoga lends him a rich perspective on the practices and teachings of yoga.  Sanjeev has been involved in the teaching of Yoga in India since 2007. He also taught yoga and shares his experience in Shanghai China for about 10 years.

To impart his extensive knowledge in Yoga Philosophy (such as Patañjali’s Yoga Sutras.), he has conducted various workshops in India and China.

Sanjeev incorporates the spiritual, philosophical and moral aspects of Yoga in his classes. His classes are fun and everyone enjoys it. He specialists in the use of breathing exercises (pranayama), yogic locks (bandhas) and concentration techniques (mudras) to cleanse the body and to enhance powers of concentration.

Kavita Tyagi

(Anatomy and Philosophy Teacher)

Kavita Tyagi being and anatomy and philosophy teacher provides students in-depth and anatomical understanding of Pranayama. She skillfully incorporates her anatomical knowledge into her classes to increase awareness of body and asanas. She uses advanced technology to make the topics simpler and more interesting. Taking follow up of her classes while doing practices is very important for her as she believes that yoga is 95 % practical.

She also uses different teaching and learning styles as everyone has a different learning style.


         (Hatha Yoga & Pranayama Teacher)

Vandana is a Hatha yoga teacher and has been rooted in the traditional practice of Yoga since 2008. Her innocence and simplicity makes her classes almost unforgettable. She follows ancient path of Hath yoga pranayama and mediation and six purification techniques of body under the guidance of his Guru Ji Shri Rajpal yogacharya.

Vandana has been involved in the teaching of Yoga in India since 2012. She also taught in Shanghai from 2015 to 2018. Students enjoy her classes and feel peaceful,

Students will almost certainly leave his class with a deeper understanding of their practice. 

Neha Surpat Khairwar

(Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher)

She is an experienced yoga teacher and has been teaching yoga from many years. She has gone under 500 hour level master training and Post Graduation Diploma in yoga. She has a great approach towards her teachings and incorporates the moral aspects of Yoga in her classes.

 Shivam Malik

(Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher)

Shivam is a devoted yogi and has done professional course in Ashtanga Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga. He believes yoga is accessible to all people regardless of culture, religion or age. He will continue on this path for his remaining lifetime. He is a dedicated teacher who stays connected with his students.

Gurvinder Kaur Khanuja

(Hatha Yoga Teacher)

She is a Hatha Yoga practitioner and as she has done her Masters in Business, she is dynamically working to spread the fundamentals and business aspects in Yoga. Also, has completed her 2oo hours YTT, she is a passionate teacher and connects with each and every student to really see what each student needs.