Pregnancy and becoming a mother is unquestionably the most special time for every woman. It is a time of many changes and challenges for the body, mind and emotional health. All mothers-to-be deserve our attention, support and individual care – yoga can help a lot!

In prenatal TTC program we concentrate on the art of teaching safe and beneficial prenatal and postnatal yoga classes. We teach also how to support our students to go through their pregnancy as healthy and happy as possible.

We will train you in several aspects of prenatal yoga: starting from asanas, pranayama & meditation, through art of composing yoga classes, to anatomy and philosophy, with an accent on teaching practicum and teaching methodology.

As our groups are small you will have an opportunity to teach a lot, and improve your teaching skills. We give each of our students our personal care and constant feedback. Our aim is to prepare you for being a safe, self-confident, wise and compassionate Yoga Teacher who is able to customise a class to every client, even the most fragile or challenging ones, or for those with special needs and health issues.

It is a specialised training which allows you to deepen your teaching yoga profession and become an expert in prenatal& postnatal yoga.


  1. Benefits of Yoga during pregnancy, birth and post natal.
  2. Understanding of anatomy and physiology during each stage of pregnancy.
  3. Specific Pregnancy Conditions, Complications, Contra-indications & Cautions.
  4. Process, physiology and stages of Labour & Birth.
  5. Positive thinking & living to create a happy baby, mother and pregnancy through Specific practices – Mudras, Pranayama, Surya Namaskar, Mantras, Meditation, Visualisation, Relaxation & Yoga Nidra.
  6. Specific information for each of the trimesters – Main changes and problems, important things to remember.
  7. Adjustments and alignment during pregnancy.
  8. Pelvic Floor Exercises.
  9. Ayurveda for Pregnancy – Garbha Sanskar.
  10. Understanding yogic philosophical view on pregnancy and motherhood.
  11. Psychological considerations during pregnancy.
  12. Shakti – the divine power of feminity – female aspects of a yoga practice.
  13. Multi-style prenatal asana classes.
  14. Gunas and doshas.